My Vintage Barbie Dolls

My personal collection of vintage Barbie dolls has been in storage since we moved - over 5 years ago! Lately I have been wanting to re-connect with my beauties and to resume collecting as a hobby. I … [Read More...]


Vintage Dinnerware

One thing that most people don't know about me is that I absolutely love Vintage Dinnerware - well any kind of dinnerware, actually. While most people know I love vintage items, they don't know that I … [Read More...]


Christmas Trees are My Thing…

I've always loved Christmas, especially Christmas Trees. When I was growing up in the 1960s, it was always a very special day when my brothers and I were allowed to get out the Christmas Tree lights … [Read More...]


Halloween Barbie Dolls

Not only are Halloween Barbie Dolls a fun collectible, they are also fun to use in your decorating.  The Halloween Barbie Dolls are a part of the "play" line, not the collectible Barbie line - which … [Read More...]


Halloween Decorating Ideas

My niece Leslie is expecting her first baby in a few months.  She's been grounded by her doctor and decided to the best way to be productive in a non-strenuous way was to start her own SBI … [Read More...]

The Power of Optimism

This is a great Abraham-Hicks conversation on the power of optimism and positive thinking. I have read many times from many different teachers about … [Read More...]

Don’t Try So Hard

I just read this quote from Abraham-Hicks's Vortex:Trying less hard actually accomplishes more. This is absolutely true.  I'm one of … [Read More...]

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