12 Months = 6 Figure Income

On October 31, 2009, I not only celebrated my 50th birthday (ouch), I also celebrated my one year anniversary of being self employed. I can tell you I was much more excited about the anniversary than the birthday!

I am amazed at how fast the year passed and also by how much I have grown and learned.   I have done so many new things this year just for the sake of learning how to do them and I have continuously worked on building my websites, always working to make them better and better.

I am so excited when I realized that in the last 12 months my traffic and income has more than doubled and I am now earning a solid six figure income! Yes – from my websites! Yes – working from home! It is the biggest dream of my life – freedom – has come true. Now I have personal freedoms and financial freedom as well! I am so grateful for my success.

One thing I didn’t except to happen is that I have gotten fairly involved in helping other people create their own websites. They are so inspired by my success and I feel blessed to be able to “give back” and share what I have learned.

Everyday I become more and more impressed and so grateful to Site Build It. It is the reason I was able to make my dreams come true. If you aren’t living your dream and it involves personal or financial freedom or both, I encourage you to check it out for yourself.
Here are my favorite links:
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SBI Video Tour
SBI Summary Site – Includes information on the newly released SBI 2.0
Affiliate Sign Up – Become a Site Build It Affilate and earn commissions while you learn about SBI

Please feel free to email me if I can ever help you – I love to share my dream!