About Suzanne Prochaska

Welcome to Suzanne Prochaska.com!
I started this site to document my journey with online business building.   Although I am a Registered Nurse by profession, my entire life I have wanted to have my own business.  As I have tried different things over the years, I also realized that I want to be self-employed solo.  For the last 20 years I have supervised many nurses and other employees and for my own business I have a very strict “no employee rule”!

I have tried many businesses, MLMs, etc and never found what I was looking for – I even did the “eBay thing” for many years – on a big scale – because it was the only option I could ever find – but eBaying is hard work (with no future).

Finally I found what I needed to succeed and in March 2006 I started my first web site.  I now have multiple sites with various levels of success.  I have learned so much and tried so many things, I wish I would have documented my journey!  That is why I started this site – to document my adventures building an online business.  If no one ever reads it but me,  that is OK – I will still have my experiences and lessons learned documented.

My goal is to repalce (and exceed) my current salary with earnings from my online businesses.  As I start this site, I am halfway to my goal and am earning more than the “average american salary” (which is $24,000 to $32,000 – depending on who you ask).  I am ready to enter an intense business building phase in order to achieve my goals as soon as possible.  Wish me luck!
(PS – My last name is pronounced Pro-haas-ka – the c is silent.)

I was able to become completely self-employed on October 31, 2008!  You can read my entire story here – My Success Story – What a Long, Strange Trip Its Been!!