Abraham-Hicks on GM (Genetically Modified) foods

I find myself getting bent out of shape over genetically modified foods.  I mean really, how can anyone think this is a good idea?    Since I know that getting bent out of shape about ANYTHING isn’t going to do me one bloody ounce of good, I was really happy to come across this Abe quote about GM food!

Q: Regarding genetically modified foods (the company, the health concerns, the food supply, etc). My mantra about food is: I eat what I love and I love what I eat. That seems naive in the context of this momentum going on about food supply.

A: Everything we spoke here today would seem naive to people who are looking specifically at unwanted things, because when they get that sort of momentum going, Law of Attraction would prove out what they expect. So, the more they look, the more they beat the drum, the more they expect, the more they experience. And the only question we want to ask you is: do you want to be in on that momentum and if you don’t, don’t think about it.

What your question implies is that there is a reality that affects everyone across the board, and that is never, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever true.

Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ, June 29, 2013

However, I feel strongly that I should avoid GM foods and I always strive to honor my inner urges.  I also strongly believe that at the very least they should be labeled, so everyone can make their own decision.  I know I will continue to strive to follow my inner guidance to maintain health.  My work is to use a positive approach and to not push against the “establishment”.  It’s easy to be an “angry advocate” but real change happens when you use love and compassion as your secret weapons.  Be FOR healthy foods not AGAINST unhealthy ones!