My Friends’ New Best Healthy Snacks Website

I have been working with my dear friends Lynn & Lacey for several months – they are doing a great job learning how to build websites.  They definitely have the “BAM” (Brains and Motivation) to create a wonderful lifestyle for themselves building successful websites.  They are building two sites from scratch, but they recently purchased an established SBI site and are working hard at transforming it and creating more keyword focused pages.  I had the pleasure of spending the day with them recently and we designed a new “look & feel” for their new site.

The site is Best Healthy Snacks.  This is what it looked like when they bought it – - before

This is what it looks like now  –

A slight improvement?

My husband Charlie keeps asking Lynn & Lacey when they are going to add Reese Cups to their site – that is his favorite snack!  Um, maybe I need to send him over to learn about Healthy Snacks!

I would wish Lynn & Lacey (they are an awesome Mother & daughter team, by the way) good luck with their new site, but they won’t need it – they have BAM and the power of SiteBuildIt and they know as long as they follow the action guide, success is a given!