My Vintage Barbie Dolls

My Vintage Barbie Doll Collection
My personal collection of vintage Barbie dolls has been in storage since we moved – over 5 years ago! Lately I have been wanting to re-connect with my beauties and to resume collecting as a hobby. I started collecting in the late 90s and had amassed a large collection. Through hard times, I sold of most of it – always keeping those items I treasured the most.

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Vintage Dinnerware

Vintage DinnerwareOne thing that most people don’t know about me is that I absolutely love Vintage Dinnerware – well any kind of dinnerware, actually. While most people know I love vintage items, they don’t know that I have seven sets of dishes and have started collecting three more patterns (slowly).

After we updated our dining room last year, my mother said it looked like an antique shop –   I have some of my Grandmother’s antiques and my every growing collection of vintage glass and dishes.

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Christmas Trees are My Thing…

My Family Christmas Tree

I’ve always loved Christmas, especially Christmas Trees. When I was growing up in the 1960s, it was always a very special day when my brothers and I were allowed to get out the Christmas Tree lights and change out all the bulbs that no longer worked. (Yes, Christmas Trees had bulbs that screwed in back then.) It meant the beginning of the Christmas season in our home and that we would soon be getting our tree!

We always had a live tree. One year when I was a teenager, my mother got an artificial tree and we put it up and decorated it. The next day she took it down and went and got a live tree. I have always had a live tree as my “main” Christmas tree.

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Microfleece Sheets – I can’t believe how much I love them!

microfleece sheetsLast year I discovered the most wonderful sheets in the world! They are called microfleece and they are the softest, warmest, coziest things in the world.

Last fall I got a set for myself. I loved them – they are just so wonderful to snuggle into on a cool night. I would probably have never ordered them – but there were literally hundreds of positive reviews and raves about them, I had to try them.

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Halloween Barbie Dolls

Halloween Barbie DollsNot only are Halloween Barbie Dolls a fun collectible, they are also fun to use in your decorating.  The Halloween Barbie Dolls are a part of the “play” line, not the collectible Barbie line – which means they are very inexpensive to acquire!

The first Halloween Barbie Dolls were the Barbie & Kelly Halloween Target gift set in 1997.

There have been Halloween Barbies every year since – both Grocery Store / Pink Box editions and many years had a Target special Halloween edition.

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Vintage Barbie and Fashion Doll Guide

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Decorating Ideas

My niece Leslie is expecting her first baby in a few months.  She’s been grounded by her doctor and decided to the best way to be productive in a non-strenuous way was to start her own SBI site.

Since she learned so much and had so much fun decorating her nursery, she decided to build a site on Decorating Ideas.

She has a great section on Halloween Decorating Ideas that includes Halloween Cupcake, table, window, pumpkin, yard and door decorating.

Halloween Decorating Ideas