NurseNaturals – The Adventure I Never Expected to Take…

Nurse Naturals' Natural Skincare ProductsMy Newest Adventure is called Nurse Naturals and it truly is the adventure I never expected to take…

I have been perfectly happy building my websites, creating a life on my terms and making a very comfortable living from my home office. But as we all know, sometimes life has other plans for us.

I have a teenage daughter (who is about to turn 20 – ugh). Several years ago she had a very serious acne problem. I had tried everything I could think of and nothing was clearing it up. I knew part of the problem was non-compliance. At the same time I had also rekindled my interest in natural health and medicine and had been working on a project and researching quite a bit. I came across an idea for a natural acne treatment for my daughter and decided to try it. I ordered all of the ingredients & put it together. Much to my delight, within 3 days her acne was at least 75% cleared. Within a week or so it was almost all gone. This was after years of acne.

The treatment I created is a liquid & all she had to do was spray it on her face twice a day. Now that she is acne free, she just sprays it on every day or two and it prevents breakouts and blackheads.
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Mineral Makeup Reviews

Mineral Makeup Reviews

Mineral Makeup Reviews is my first and one of most successful sites. It was started in March 2006. I will be adding more info here later.

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Vintage Barbie & Fashion Doll Guide

Fashion-Doll-GuideFashion Doll Guide was my second website. It is originally the one I wanted to do first, but the “numbers” weren’t all that great and even starting out I realized that this competitive and rather small niche would be “a long road to hoe”. After I started my first site and started having good results, I felt like I was ready to start down the long road of Vintage Barbie…..

This site is doing very well – it has been a slow and long road, the site has over 800 pages and at least that many more. But it a work of love, I love Vintage Barbie and have been a collector for many years.

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suziemax is a site that features Depression Glass, Elegant Glass, Glass from the 40s, 50s & 60s and other collectible vintage glass.

I have recently expanded this site to also include other vintage items, including jewelry, dolls,  fashion, nightgowns, cookie jars and more.  Originally they were on a separate site, but I have combined them into one.


Trendy Plus Size Clothes


trendy-plus-size-clothes I have redone this site so many items I have lost count.  It took a lot of trial and error to get it just right.  This is a very large, highly competitive niche, but the site is doing well and is finally on the right track.

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