Abraham-Hicks on GM (Genetically Modified) foods

I find myself getting bent out of shape over genetically modified foods.  I mean really, how can anyone think this is a good idea?    Since I know that getting bent out of shape about ANYTHING isn’t going to do me one bloody ounce of good, I was really happy to come across this Abe quote about GM food!

Q: Regarding genetically modified foods (the company, the health concerns, the food supply, etc). My mantra about food is: I eat what I love and I love what I eat. That seems naive in the context of this momentum going on about food supply.

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Label genetically engineered foods!

As one of the 90% of Americans who think think genetically modified food (GMO) should be labeled as such – I’m really happy to see it being introduced for a national discussion into the US senate.  This topic is long over due for  a national debate and we can expect lobbyist to go all out to try to defeat ANY attempts to label or regulate GMOs.   Our only hope will be if the public gets very involved in the discussion!

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Why are Americans Getting Sicker and Dying Earlier?

One of my passions is Natural Health.  I’ve never written about it here, but this article caused me to drag out my soap box.  I will be writing more about it in the future.
I recently read an article that talked about a study of  the health care of 17 wealthy countries. The US now has the shortest life span & worst health of 17 “wealthy” nations.
The author of the article blames it on obesity, fast food, poor choices and lack of access to health care.
I have been a Registered Nurse for 28 years. I blame it on Genetically Modified food (also causes obesity and probably numerous diseases), lack of education about what it truly takes to be healthy and TOO MUCH access to health care. [Read more…]

NurseNaturals – The Adventure I Never Expected to Take…

Nurse Naturals' Natural Skincare ProductsMy Newest Adventure is called Nurse Naturals and it truly is the adventure I never expected to take…

I have been perfectly happy building my websites, creating a life on my terms and making a very comfortable living from my home office. But as we all know, sometimes life has other plans for us.

I have a teenage daughter (who is about to turn 20 – ugh). Several years ago she had a very serious acne problem. I had tried everything I could think of and nothing was clearing it up. I knew part of the problem was non-compliance. At the same time I had also rekindled my interest in natural health and medicine and had been working on a project and researching quite a bit. I came across an idea for a natural acne treatment for my daughter and decided to try it. I ordered all of the ingredients & put it together. Much to my delight, within 3 days her acne was at least 75% cleared. Within a week or so it was almost all gone. This was after years of acne.

The treatment I created is a liquid & all she had to do was spray it on her face twice a day. Now that she is acne free, she just sprays it on every day or two and it prevents breakouts and blackheads.
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