Abraham-Hicks on GM (Genetically Modified) foods

I find myself getting bent out of shape over genetically modified foods.  I mean really, how can anyone think this is a good idea?    Since I know that getting bent out of shape about ANYTHING isn’t going to do me one bloody ounce of good, I was really happy to come across this Abe quote about GM food!

Q: Regarding genetically modified foods (the company, the health concerns, the food supply, etc). My mantra about food is: I eat what I love and I love what I eat. That seems naive in the context of this momentum going on about food supply.

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The Power of Optimism

This is a great Abraham-Hicks conversation on the power of optimism and positive thinking. I have read many times from many different teachers about the one tenth of one percent – which is really incredible if you think about it!

“Do you know what percentage of the population it takes to FEEL optimistic before an upturn that serves the entire planet can begin to manifest? One tenth of one percent. One tenth of one percent, that might even be high. A fraction of the population has to FEEL optimism in spite of conditions before the paradigm shift occurs.
One tenth of one percent – now, most people that wouldn’t mean anything to them because they don’t know about vibrational reality to begin with. But if you could see it as we see it, with all this trouble putting all of this
asking over here in the vortex of creation and just a little bit of the population turning optimistically, which, all it would require is turning your televisions off and you’d be there. Then once the evidence starts happening, then people can point to the evidence.
And then so one tenth of one percent FEELING the optimism without justifiable reason is enough to begin the avalanche of justifiable reason that then the lazier thinkers can just observe, and then around it goes, and
the upswing happens.
And whoever it is that’s predicting these downturns and upturns and what the economical climates are, we PROMISE YOU, is benefiting by what they’ve convinced you to think.”
Abraham-Hicks 2/13/2010

As I was reading this quote, I realized that in our own lives it only takes one – each of us has complete control over our own experience with the power of our thoughts, emotions, expectations and beliefs.

It is literally as simple as this – Feeling good is good for you. Feeling bad is bad for you. Feeling good brings good life experiences, feeling bad brings bad life experiences. Literally. Really.

I think when we first start learning and understanding these teachings, many of us (including me) don’t really get that it is not some esoteric concept – that it is literal and it is simple.  If your life isn’t going exactly as you would like, it is because of something YOU are doing.  It’s not the economy, your parents, your boss, your spouse.  IT’S YOU!!  ALL of that will change when you change.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to make peace internally with everything in your life – just let it go.  LET IT GO.

Here is my tip for letting it go.  We have been taught that it takes 68 seconds to “shift” or to give a thought power.  You are paying attention to your feelings, right?  When you realize you are thinking something that doesn’t feel good you want to shift to something that does feel good.  But if it is an active thought, you have probably thought it many times before, so it has some power to it and it isn’t so easy to shift gears.

What works for me is to interject a positive affirmation to interrupt the pattern.  For example, if I am thinking about a relationship that maybe isn’t making me feel so great, as soon as I realize what I am doing I can just start thinking over & over “I declare peace in this relationship”.  Keep thinking it until you feel you have shifted.  Usually within a minute or two you will start to feel better.

If you leave it right there and do that a few times, it will start to shift.  If you can walk it up the scale, even just a little bit, it will be even better.  Even if “this isn’t worthy of my attention” or “I have better things to think about” is better.  Maybe you can even get a “in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter” or even better.  The higher you can walk it up and feel good the better.

If you do this only once or twice a day, your life will begin to shift.  I promise.

I think the hardest thing in all of this is accepting responsibility for our own experience.  We have been taught the “blame game”.  It is never our fault, right?  As soon as you can accept that your experience is ALWAYS you responsibility, the sooner you can move toward the life of your dreams.  Just don’t beat yourself up over it, ok?  You didn’t know.  Now you do.

Why You Keep Getting What You Don’t Want

Do you spend more time than is really good for you responding to the current conditions?

Which means you’re letting the current conditions train your vibration.
Think about what that means – if what is is what you focus on and what you focus on is what you practice and what you practice is the frequency that you offer and what you offer is what you get back….

Isn’t it sort of a cycle that you might want to consider breaking?

I’m looking at the thing that I don’t want and I’m getting more of it
So I’m looking at it and getting more of it…
So I’m looking at it and getting more of it…
I’m looking at it and getting more of it…

Is there something missing in the explanation?

“I see this thing I do not want and the more I look at it the more I get of it so I think I will look at it some more” 

And we say the thing that is missing is you have forgotten that
you get what you think about
you get what you feel about
you get what you practice yourself into vibrational accord with.

We know it’s much easier to keep thinking a thought you’ve been thinking.
We watch you.
We have offered blocks of thought to Esther for many, many years watching her find new words that match those blocks of thought
In order to help you, from the inside out, reorient yourself in this time/space reality because you become so accustomed to feeling the same way that you always felt when a certain condition or word or conversation is offered to you.


Don’t Try So Hard

I just read this quote from Abraham-Hicks’s Vortex:

Trying less hard actually accomplishes more.

This is absolutely true.  I’m one of those laid-back easy going people and I know I drive some people crazy.  I don’t care.  At all.

I have always been pretty much that way, but through the years it has gotten more pronounced as I have grown. For the most part, I simply won’t do something that I am not inspired to do.

Is that because I am “spiritually advanced”?  No – it is because I LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY!!!  Unfortunately that seems to be how we learn just about everything – especially before we get “tuned in, tapped in and turned on” as Abraham used to say.

Now I try to do everything by my gut feelings and let inspiration lead me down my path.  It works pretty good.  It doesn’t work out so good for people that want me to do it NOW.

Not too long ago my 16 year old daughter asked me about this – she said that I always say go with your feelings – listen to your gut and your emotions.  She said she always gets it “wrong” when she tries to do that.  I explained to her that you have to learn what your gut sounds like.  I think for most of us, unfortunately, we have to have some of those “Ugh – I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that” moments!  But we can use those burnt fingers to teach us a lesson.  How did we know we shouldn’t have done that?  What kind of feeling was it?  Where did it come from? As many teachers teach us, as we start to honor and act on those feelings, they become easier and easier to distinguish.  Really, they do.

Sometimes you have to make a decision and you don’t have a gut feeling about it.  Try getting quiet and thinking about both options.  If it is a choice between two things, or courses of action, relax and mentally carry out both possible courses of action.  Notice how do they feel?  Does one feel better than the other?  Does one of them offer an easy “next logical step” from where you are?  Mentally carry them both out to their logical conclusion.  Do you like where they take you?  How does it feel?  Which one feels better?  Which one feels right?  If you don’t have a clear answer, don’t take action yet.  Wait.  Wait until you know what the answer is.  Let it come to you.  It will as soon as you get out of your own way.

What is Keeping You From What You Want?

What's keeping you from what you want?I’m currently reading “This Thing Called You”, written by Ernest Holmes in 1948 and just came across this gem:

The thing that stands between you and the greater good is a thing of thought and nothing else. It is NOT reality that you must change, but your mental reaction to it.

Can the message be any clearer? If you think about it, we have been taught backwards & have been “doing it” backwards for eons.

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Find Something to be Happy About

Find Something to be Happy About?  Yes, it really is as simple as that.

Find something to be happy about. With each moment
of bliss, more of that which you’ve identified as
your desire flows to you, until another moment of
bliss comes and another, and another, and it seems
as if the entire Universe revolves around you – and
it does. So, a very short seminar would serve you,
if you could hear it. And it would go something like
this: Find something to be happy about. Goodbye!
Abraham-Hicks, 8/18/01. San Francisco, CA

It is such a simple concept – just be happy  That’s what we all want, isn’t it?  We all just want to be happy.  The things we want – the cars, houses, relationships, money – we want them why?  Because we think they will make us happy.

There is a little problem with that though – nothing can MAKE us happy.  Only you can MAKE yourself happy.  How?  By being happy.  It is a decision.  It is a mind set.  It is an attitude.

Guess what – you have everything you need to be happy right now.  You do really – just find one thing to be happy about and focus on it.  Here is something to be happy about – you woke up this morning.  You got another day!  How awesome is that?  Here is another – even if you are sick or have health issues – your body is still an under-appreciated miracle – trillions of cells working nonstop in perfect unison just so you can have another day.  And guess what – the sun came up today!  And I bet there is a least one special person in your life who loves you and cares about you – isn’t that a blessing?

It is all about focus.  What are you focusing on?  Are you focusing on the many blessings in your life, of the miracle of you or are you focusing on a tiny grain of sand in your shoe?

“I just want to be happy”, right?  Well the bad news is that nothing and no one can truly make you happy.  The good news is that you don’t need a bloody thing to change in your life to get happy.  YOU and only you are responsible for your happiness.  Do the world a favor and let everyone else off the hook – they are only responsible for their own happiness, not yours.

We have been trained to focus on what is “missing” or what is “wrong”.  Life becomes wonderful when you erase your old thought programming and replace it with unconditional happiness.  Happiness that has no conditions, no stings attached and is not dependent on any person or thing.  Then you are free.  As an added benefit, when you get happy & stay happy, all the things you wanted come rushing into your life.  Imagine that!

“Change your thinking, change your life”, I don’t know who originally said that, but it truly is the only thing you need to know.

So, are you happy right now?  If not, I suggest that you make getting happy your number one priority.  Find something to be happy about.  Anything.  Think about it, milk it, appreciate it.  Better yet, make a list of ten things in your life you appreciate.  Tomorrow list ten more and the next day ten more.  Spend some time really thinking about them.

All it takes to quickly transform you life is to change your attitude, your mind set.  Stop being an ungrateful little brat and open your eyes to the wonder of your life.  No matter your circumstances, you have way more good – I promise you.  Find it and focus on it.  Make the most important thing in your life to be happy.  If you aren’t happy, stop what you are doing and get happy.  Pay attention to how you feel when you are happy and reach for that feeling often.  Try to make the feeling stronger and stronger.  Work on feeling happy everyday and in no time you will have transformed your life by transforming yourself.

My Happiness File – Dream On – Aerosmith

My Happiness File – Dream On!

As a child of the 70’s, I have always loved this song – I love the way it makes me feel.  I recently saw an interview with Steven Tyler where he talked about how this song just “came to him” as a divine inspiration all at once while he in a barn.  He said, “I don’t know where the hell those lyrics came from”.

This is an awesome rock anthem / power ballad.  I love to listen to it with my headphones, eyes closed and just let the music move through me.  I always have a very positive emotional response to this beautiful song.  Dream On……

You Get What You Focus On, Period.

I have been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for almost a dozen years.  In that time I have transformed my life and have had so many dreams come true.  One thing that has surprised me a bit, I think, is that no matter how far along you get if you don’t keep your focus on your happiness and how you feel it is so easy to back slide.

This has happened to me recently.  Things have been going so well for me and then they started to back slide just a bit.  I realized it has been quite a while since I tended to my feelings and my happiness.  With all that is happening in the world around us, it is so easy to get “caught up” – caught up in other people’s drama – from the international news to your next door neighbor, co-workers, relatives, even your Facebook friends – you get the picture.  What I have realized is that you just have to make your emotional welfare – your happiness – your number one priority, otherwise you start to backslide.  Little by little you just keep going lower and lower and then you start to notice it showing up in your outside world – reality check!

The old saying “you get what you focus on” is true in every situation, period.  I recently read the quote “Focus Makes You Fabulous” – that is true if you focus on fabulous things.  If you focus on what is not right in the world, with your spouse or in your life, guess what?  Yep, you get even more of it!!  But the good news is that is you focus on what is right, you get more of that.

I had a bit of a breakthrough recently when someone else’s drama was starting to make me feel really, really bad.  One thing I try very hard to do is to never, ever go there (feeling really, really bad).  In a moment of inspiration the perfect, calming thought entered my head: “This has nothing to do with me” and immediately I felt better.  I have been using this a lot lately – “this has nothing to do with me” and it really is keeping me from going there – from getting caught up in other people’s drama, or the news, or anything.  It is an instant detachment that really works.   My goal is to use that phrase to detach and change focus.  It is a closing of the door on that subject.

You do get what you focus on, no matter how big or small.  Today I am focusing on unconditional happiness – on things that make my heart sing an and spirit soar, and all of the many, many things that are so right in my world.  What are you focusing on today?

My Happiness File

I have been thinking about building a “Happiness Toolbox” – things that make me feel good – in one place to have a “go to” place to feel uplifted, connected – to give me a happiness boost. I realized that I already have the perfect place right here – that way I can share it with anyone else who may benefit from it and I can access it from anywhere. There will be a lot of music and videos – but other things as well. Here is one of my current favorites – as a die hard American Idol fan, watching this video always brings happy tears to my eyes and makes me feel wonderful.

My favorite teacher Abraham has been talking a lot lately about getting in the vortex – this one definitely puts me there!

Your Joy Comes From Within

“My joy doesn’t depend upon the approval of others.
No effective guidance will ever be achieved by seeking the approval of others, for they all desire different things of you.
Constant, pure guidance from Source comes forth from within you. It is always there.”