Don’t Try So Hard

I just read this quote from Abraham-Hicks’s Vortex:

Trying less hard actually accomplishes more.

This is absolutely true.  I’m one of those laid-back easy going people and I know I drive some people crazy.  I don’t care.  At all.

I have always been pretty much that way, but through the years it has gotten more pronounced as I have grown. For the most part, I simply won’t do something that I am not inspired to do.

Is that because I am “spiritually advanced”?  No – it is because I LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY!!!  Unfortunately that seems to be how we learn just about everything – especially before we get “tuned in, tapped in and turned on” as Abraham used to say.

Now I try to do everything by my gut feelings and let inspiration lead me down my path.  It works pretty good.  It doesn’t work out so good for people that want me to do it NOW.

Not too long ago my 16 year old daughter asked me about this – she said that I always say go with your feelings – listen to your gut and your emotions.  She said she always gets it “wrong” when she tries to do that.  I explained to her that you have to learn what your gut sounds like.  I think for most of us, unfortunately, we have to have some of those “Ugh – I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that” moments!  But we can use those burnt fingers to teach us a lesson.  How did we know we shouldn’t have done that?  What kind of feeling was it?  Where did it come from? As many teachers teach us, as we start to honor and act on those feelings, they become easier and easier to distinguish.  Really, they do.

Sometimes you have to make a decision and you don’t have a gut feeling about it.  Try getting quiet and thinking about both options.  If it is a choice between two things, or courses of action, relax and mentally carry out both possible courses of action.  Notice how do they feel?  Does one feel better than the other?  Does one of them offer an easy “next logical step” from where you are?  Mentally carry them both out to their logical conclusion.  Do you like where they take you?  How does it feel?  Which one feels better?  Which one feels right?  If you don’t have a clear answer, don’t take action yet.  Wait.  Wait until you know what the answer is.  Let it come to you.  It will as soon as you get out of your own way.