Is Your Blog Failing?

If you have a Blog that is not producing the results you want or getting steady, consistent traffic growth, please take a moment to read the following:

"…most bloggers simply never develop much traffic, even though they may write a lot of content.   Why? Wrong process. No tools. No guidance. It’s a shame that they quit though."

"Abandoned blogs are epidemic. Millions and millions of them, inactive."

"Is your blog failing? Low traffic? Low income? Frustrated and thinking of letting it go? Don’t!

Never quit a project just because you’re frustrated. Hares get frustrated and flit from one thing to the next. But tortoises find one solid road and just keep moving ahead, one step at a time.

Switch to SBI!, a proven road that leads to business success. After all, you didn’t fail. The inherent flaws in the process doomed you."

Read more at For Most Small Business People… "Blogging" Is the Wrong Choice To Build a Business

I have a an SBI website that I started in March 2006 and a stand-alone blog that I started in April 2006.  The website currently receives over 1100 visitor per day and makes a very nice income.  The blog gets maybe 40 visitors a day and makes around $25/month in income.  (I honestly don’t know why I keep going with the blog – I keep thinking about "letting it go" and I probably should.)

As I have written before, SBI is the answer for many who want to build an online business, which includes a website that generates passive income.