Microfleece Sheets – I can’t believe how much I love them!

microfleece sheetsLast year I discovered the most wonderful sheets in the world! They are called microfleece and they are the softest, warmest, coziest things in the world.

Last fall I got a set for myself. I loved them – they are just so wonderful to snuggle into on a cool night. I would probably have never ordered them – but there were literally hundreds of positive reviews and raves about them, I had to try them.

I have never been a big fan of regular fleece sheets at all.  I was hoping they would be different.  They were – they are completely different than regular fleece.

I loved them so much, I told my BFF Lynn about them. She got some and loved them just as much.
I got my daughter Katie as set, she loves them.
I got the Christmas colors to use during the holidays.
I decided to get both my mother and mother-in-law some for Christmas. They both loved them. For months after, my mother would tell me how much she loved them whenever I talked to her.
Last year, I bought a total of 7 sets of sheets and 3 comforters.

microfleece sheetsWhen the weather got warmer, I sadly packed away my beloved sheets. For several months I have been waiting for the weather to get cooler and have been looking forward to getting them out & using them again. I had even been talking about looking forward to using them.

Finally it got cooler here. I woke up one morning and thought, “today, I am going to get my sheets down, wash them and put them on my bed”. I was really excited. Then I realized I don’t have any of my beloved sheets that will fit my bed! Last spring we upgraded to a king size bed and all my sheets are queen size. I was so disappointed and a little miffed with myself that I didn’t realize this before!

When I told Lynn about this, she told me they love their sheets so much, they have used them year round. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Luckily the comforters I bought still fit, because I did get King Size. The King and Queen sizes are the same price, so I went for the bigger one. It fit more like a bed spread on my queen-size bed, but even on the king size it has more coverage than the one we were using.

So, I ordered my sheets that day, got them about a week later and have been blissfully sleeping snuggled in the cozy, softness.

I got all of mine from Brylane Homes, I have seen them a few other places, but I don’t think you can beat the quality, price and selection anywhere else.  Check out the reviews of these on this site – over 1400 & most are growing.  One thing I read on the reviews is that some microfleece sheet brands have a big problem with lint.  These do not.  If you have someone on your gift list that is hard to buy for, I whole heartily recommend these.  Of course, you need to get yourself a set or two as well.