My Vintage Barbie Dolls

My Vintage Barbie Doll Collection
My personal collection of vintage Barbie dolls has been in storage since we moved – over 5 years ago! Lately I have been wanting to re-connect with my beauties and to resume collecting as a hobby. I started collecting in the late 90s and had amassed a large collection. Through hard times, I sold of most of it – always keeping those items I treasured the most.

My Personal Collection - Vintage Barbie wearing Brides DreamThese are the dolls I have found so far. It has been so much fun to rediscover each one of them! Some of these outfits are from my own childhood – those seem to mean the most. Others are replacements from those I remember having way back when. I have a lot of other Barbies – newer ones still in their boxes and quite a few reproduction dolls. I have still been actively collecting the reproductions and have eight or so displayed in my office.

When I first decided to learn how to build websites, I wanted to do a Barbie doll site because I had been very successful selling items on eBay (I sold over 10,000 vintage Barbie items in just a few years) and I had a lot of knowledge and pictures.  The keywords weren’t that great, so I selected another topic for my first site.  However, within a month of starting the first one, I was more determined than ever to do a Barbie site and Fashion Doll Guide was born!

Seven years later it has over 1500 pages and is going strong.   And I am STILL not finished with it!  It has become a valuable online resource for Barbie collectors, buyers and sellers and I have loved every minute of it.

I guess I always knew I would resume collecting at some point and I am so happy I did!