NurseNaturals – The Adventure I Never Expected to Take…

Nurse Naturals' Natural Skincare ProductsMy Newest Adventure is called Nurse Naturals and it truly is the adventure I never expected to take…

I have been perfectly happy building my websites, creating a life on my terms and making a very comfortable living from my home office. But as we all know, sometimes life has other plans for us.

I have a teenage daughter (who is about to turn 20 – ugh). Several years ago she had a very serious acne problem. I had tried everything I could think of and nothing was clearing it up. I knew part of the problem was non-compliance. At the same time I had also rekindled my interest in natural health and medicine and had been working on a project and researching quite a bit. I came across an idea for a natural acne treatment for my daughter and decided to try it. I ordered all of the ingredients & put it together. Much to my delight, within 3 days her acne was at least 75% cleared. Within a week or so it was almost all gone. This was after years of acne.

The treatment I created is a liquid & all she had to do was spray it on her face twice a day. Now that she is acne free, she just sprays it on every day or two and it prevents breakouts and blackheads.

I have been a Registered Nurse for 30 years and at my very first job (as an Emergency RN), I was blessed to work with a doctor who taught me so much about natural medicine. He gave me a book on vitamins and taught me how to treat and prevent many health problems with vitamins and other natural products. My daughter has never had an antibiotic in her life – not a single dose. I attribute this to what he taught me.

Anyway, after my daughter’s success with my little concoction, I started using the product and it completely stopped the monthly breakouts I had been having my entire adult life. We also shared the product with our family and friends and they also had wonderful success.

My husband, Charlie, had the brilliant idea that we needed to sell it. I finally told him to sell it if he wanted to, I already had a successful business (my websites) and was not looking for another one. Well, as they say, the rest is history. You can read the complete story here – About Nurse Naturals.

We named the product DeMistify Natural Acne Treatment and have created several variations of it to address other problems we had.  So today we have deMistify, Soothing Body Spray and Fungal Treatment Foam.

Although I went into this business almost kicking and screaming, it has been a wonderful learning adventure so far.  These little products are getting rave reviews and we have met some great people and are learning so much about this type of business.  I have been working on the website.  One thing for sure, if I was going to create a product to sell for the sake of selling products, it definitely would NOT be an acne product – talk about competition!  But we know we were blessed with a wonderful product that truly does help people, so we are working to spread the word.