12 Months = 6 Figure Income

On October 31, 2009, I not only celebrated my 50th birthday (ouch), I also celebrated my one year anniversary of being self employed. I can tell you I was much more excited about the anniversary than the birthday!

I am amazed at how fast the year passed and also by how much I have grown and learned.   I have done so many new things this year just for the sake of learning how to do them and I have continuously worked on building my websites, always working to make them better and better.

I am so excited when I realized that in the last 12 months my traffic and income has more than doubled and I am now earning a solid six figure income! Yes – from my websites! Yes – working from home! It is the biggest dream of my life – freedom – has come true. Now I have personal freedoms and financial freedom as well! I am so grateful for my success.

One thing I didn’t except to happen is that I have gotten fairly involved in helping other people create their own websites. They are so inspired by my success and I feel blessed to be able to “give back” and share what I have learned.

Everyday I become more and more impressed and so grateful to Site Build It. It is the reason I was able to make my dreams come true. If you aren’t living your dream and it involves personal or financial freedom or both, I encourage you to check it out for yourself.
Here are my favorite links:
Sitesell Results – Lists a mind blowing number and variety of the top Site Build It sites – including two of mine!!
SBI Video Tour
SBI Summary Site – Includes information on the newly released SBI 2.0
Affiliate Sign Up – Become a Site Build It Affilate and earn commissions while you learn about SBI

Please feel free to email me if I can ever help you – I love to share my dream!

Free Affiliate Masters eBook

Affiliate Masters Course

I earn my living now 100% through Affiliate Marketing, which has replaced my executive salary and continues to grow every month. Here is a free eBook that is where I learned everything I needed to know to accomplish this.

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Site Build It Valentine Gift Special Promotion

Site Build It Valentine Gift Special Promotion

Now through February 14, 2009 buy one SBI! site and get the second for only $100 – you can get 2 sites for yourself, give one as a gift or split the two with a friend.

Like diamonds, "An SBI! Site Is Forever" From now until midnight February 14th, give your Valentine the gift that keeps on giving. Better than diamonds … SBI! keeps on earning.

Site Build It is the only tool I know of where an "average person" can build a successful business online.

Site Build It Valentine Gift Special Promotion

Site Build It 2-for-1 Holiday Special!

The BEST SBI! promotion of the year – Good through December 25 at midnight, buy one-get one free!  The first site becomes active immediately – you have 9 months to activate the second site.  You can also give one site as a gift, or split the purchase with someone and each get a site for half-price.  This promotion generally only happens once a year.  Here is your chance for the best business building program available.

Special SiteSell Promotion

Site Build It Back to Work Special Promotion

Special SiteSell Promotion

Now through August 28, 2008 buy one SBI! site and get the second for only $100 – you can get 2 sites for yourself, give one as a gift or split the two with a friend.

Site Build It is the only tool I know of where an "average person" can build a successful business online.

Site Build It Back to School / Back to Work Special

Site Built It! News – Upgrades and Upcoming Special

This week, SBIX News announces behind-the-curtains SBI! infrastructural upgrades and the "back-to-work" Hi-Ho $100 Special.

Site Build It! Xpress ("SBIX") is for SBI! customers only . It boils down the near-infinite Net marketing and e-business noise into "only what you really need to know."

Stay tuned for the Hi-Ho Special coming in the next day or so – it is one of the few times during the year when you can get a discount when you purchase 2 SBI! sites.   (Site Build It is so much more than a website – it should be called a business in a box!).

My Most Important Tool for Building Online Businesses

Site Build It! While I am not among the "rich and famous" (yet) by any stretch of the imagination, I have had more success than most building online businesses and I currently earn more than the "average American worker" with my websites.  I am successful enough that when people I know find out how well I am doing, they want to know more!  More importantly, I think, is that I am an "average person" who is working hard to figure it all out and build a better life for myself and my family.

Out of all that I have done and tried and learned and succeeded with and failed with, there is one tool and one tool only that I can contribute to my success.  That tool is Site Build It! (SBI!) . Site Build It is a company that is built to help average people build successful online businesses.  It includes everything you need to know and do and it is broken down in a series of simple steps.  SIte Build It is the "anti-get rich quick" plan – you build a solid business step by step.  I use a lot of tools now and I have websites that aren’t SBI! sites (including this one), but I would not have this site, or any of the other ones, without SBI.

I will be writing more about my individual sites and the other tools I use and more about SBI – but I want to lay the ground work – that without SBI I would not be here.  If you are considering building an online business, or you aren’t satisfied with your current results, I ask you to at least take a look at Site Build It!

So is this site going to be a nonstop promotion for Site Build It?  In some ways yes, because I do consider it the foundation to my success and future.  But more importantly, it is about what one person has done with Site Build It and what I have learned along the way.