The Power of Optimism

This is a great Abraham-Hicks conversation on the power of optimism and positive thinking. I have read many times from many different teachers about the one tenth of one percent – which is really incredible if you think about it!

“Do you know what percentage of the population it takes to FEEL optimistic before an upturn that serves the entire planet can begin to manifest? One tenth of one percent. One tenth of one percent, that might even be high. A fraction of the population has to FEEL optimism in spite of conditions before the paradigm shift occurs.
One tenth of one percent – now, most people that wouldn’t mean anything to them because they don’t know about vibrational reality to begin with. But if you could see it as we see it, with all this trouble putting all of this
asking over here in the vortex of creation and just a little bit of the population turning optimistically, which, all it would require is turning your televisions off and you’d be there. Then once the evidence starts happening, then people can point to the evidence.
And then so one tenth of one percent FEELING the optimism without justifiable reason is enough to begin the avalanche of justifiable reason that then the lazier thinkers can just observe, and then around it goes, and
the upswing happens.
And whoever it is that’s predicting these downturns and upturns and what the economical climates are, we PROMISE YOU, is benefiting by what they’ve convinced you to think.”
Abraham-Hicks 2/13/2010

As I was reading this quote, I realized that in our own lives it only takes one – each of us has complete control over our own experience with the power of our thoughts, emotions, expectations and beliefs.

It is literally as simple as this – Feeling good is good for you. Feeling bad is bad for you. Feeling good brings good life experiences, feeling bad brings bad life experiences. Literally. Really.

I think when we first start learning and understanding these teachings, many of us (including me) don’t really get that it is not some esoteric concept – that it is literal and it is simple.  If your life isn’t going exactly as you would like, it is because of something YOU are doing.  It’s not the economy, your parents, your boss, your spouse.  IT’S YOU!!  ALL of that will change when you change.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to make peace internally with everything in your life – just let it go.  LET IT GO.

Here is my tip for letting it go.  We have been taught that it takes 68 seconds to “shift” or to give a thought power.  You are paying attention to your feelings, right?  When you realize you are thinking something that doesn’t feel good you want to shift to something that does feel good.  But if it is an active thought, you have probably thought it many times before, so it has some power to it and it isn’t so easy to shift gears.

What works for me is to interject a positive affirmation to interrupt the pattern.  For example, if I am thinking about a relationship that maybe isn’t making me feel so great, as soon as I realize what I am doing I can just start thinking over & over “I declare peace in this relationship”.  Keep thinking it until you feel you have shifted.  Usually within a minute or two you will start to feel better.

If you leave it right there and do that a few times, it will start to shift.  If you can walk it up the scale, even just a little bit, it will be even better.  Even if “this isn’t worthy of my attention” or “I have better things to think about” is better.  Maybe you can even get a “in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter” or even better.  The higher you can walk it up and feel good the better.

If you do this only once or twice a day, your life will begin to shift.  I promise.

I think the hardest thing in all of this is accepting responsibility for our own experience.  We have been taught the “blame game”.  It is never our fault, right?  As soon as you can accept that your experience is ALWAYS you responsibility, the sooner you can move toward the life of your dreams.  Just don’t beat yourself up over it, ok?  You didn’t know.  Now you do.