Vintage Dinnerware

Vintage DinnerwareOne thing that most people don’t know about me is that I absolutely love Vintage Dinnerware – well any kind of dinnerware, actually. While most people know I love vintage items, they don’t know that I have seven sets of dishes and have started collecting three more patterns (slowly).

After we updated our dining room last year, my mother said it looked like an antique shop –   I have some of my Grandmother’s antiques and my every growing collection of vintage glass and dishes.

There are been a lot of changes to the web building world in the last year, with lots of ups and downs.  One thing I realized is that my vintage sites stayed strong through it all.  In the summer I decided to expand my vintage sites and I was beyond thrilled to see there was a very good demand for a vintage dinnerware site!

I originally started this as a stand alone site, but decided that it really goes better on my Vintage Bliss  Site – so I moved it over.   Even though it only has a few pages, I am really excited about it – because I adore the topic.  I’m relatively certain that I will be adding more pieces in my dining room because of the site!

I have a wonderful new “Smart Camera” I thought I’d break it in with some photos of my treasures!

Vintage Dinnerware This is one of the vintage Ethan Allen bookcases in my breakfast room. On the top shelf are my Grandmother’s everyday dishes, Happy Times by Metlox Poppytrail.  (See pattern on eBay.)  It is displayed with verde green Old Williamsburg goblets by Imperial Glass. One thing I love about collecting vintage Imperial glass is that the colors across patterns is identical, so you can mix & match patterns.
Below the Happy Times is my very first set of dishes – Yorktowne by Pfaltzgraff. (See on eBay.) I picked it out in 1980 for my everyday dishes. The reason I chose it is because it had so many matching pieces.

Franciscan Desert Rose DinnerwareWell, I retired my Yorktown from everday use about ten years ago and since have been using and collecting Franciscan Desert Rose Dinnerware.  Some of the pieces are pictured here on the left – it is also in my breakfast room.  The glassware is all vintage Imperial Glass in verde green – all are different patterns.

Desert Rose is the best selling dinnerware of all time.  When I started buying it, it was being made in England by Wedgwood and now it is made in China.  It didn’t take long to see that the pieces made in the USA from 1941 to 1984 were far superior to what is being made today, that I started adding vintage pieces to my collection.

Wedgwood Kutani Crane DinnerwareFrom my china cabinet:  This is the china that I selected in 1980.  It is Kutani Crane by Wedgwood. (See on eBay.) I fell in love with it when I saw it in a Bridal magazine!  It was made from 1971 to 1998.  The crystal is by Royal Gallery, that I selected to go with it.  I have always loved those huge crystal goblets!

Well, I love Christmas & I love dishes – so of course I have Christmas Dinnerware – 2 sets, actually.

Lenox Holiday ChinaThis is my Christmas China – Holiday by Lenox. (See on eBayAmazon.) I collect red depression glass to use with my Christmas china.  This is Ruby Red Cape Cod by Imperial Glass.  I don’t ever seem to use these as much as I’d like to, we do use them almost every Christmas day.  I should use them more.  Lenox introduced this pattern in 1974 and it has been going strong ever since.

Spode Christmas Tree DinnerwareMy everyday Christmas dishes are, of course, Spode Christmas Tree.  (See on eBayAmazon.)These I definitely use.  Every Thanksgiving, I move the Desert Rose out of my cupboards and move in the Spode and we use them everyday until New Years.   I like to use the Red glass as well as emerald green.  I prefer it much more to a “matchy-matchy” look.  I also have some beautiful ruby red and emerald green glass serving bowls and platters that I have collected over the years.  I have been collecting this pattern for over 25 years and have received many wonderful pieces as gifts.

Occupied Japan DinnerwareThis was my Grandmother’s china. Is was made by Meito China and is marked “Occupied Japan” which means it was made between 1948 and 1952. The pattern name is Madrid.

Syracuse Victoria DinnerwareThis is by Syracuse China, the pattern name is Victoria.  (See on eBay.)  This was my Mother’s china pattern, when she and my father married in the late 1940s. The pattern was made from 1949 to 1970. Since the advent of eBay, she has added many pieces to her collection. I purchased this place setting, because I love the pattern. I plan to eventually add to it. It is displayed here with Imperial Glass in Cape Cod and Old Williamsburg in the Azalea color. I think it is a perfect match.

Syracuse Bracelet DinnerwareFinally is another place setting by Syracuse. The pattern name is Bracelet.  (See on eBay.)   It was also made from 1949 to 1970.  I searched for years for a simple and elegant pattern to add to my collection.  I was thrilled with the demitasse cup (pictured at the top) that I bought a place setting.  I plan to add more pieces – I just love it.  It is pictured with crystal Tiffany champagne flutes that were a gift from my college roomie when Charlie and I got married in 2007.

I’m looking forward to researching and learning more patterns and their histories. You can visit it here – Vintage Dinnerware.