Why are Americans Getting Sicker and Dying Earlier?

One of my passions is Natural Health.  I’ve never written about it here, but this article caused me to drag out my soap box.  I will be writing more about it in the future.
I recently read an article that talked about a study of  the health care of 17 wealthy countries. The US now has the shortest life span & worst health of 17 “wealthy” nations.
The author of the article blames it on obesity, fast food, poor choices and lack of access to health care.
I have been a Registered Nurse for 28 years. I blame it on Genetically Modified food (also causes obesity and probably numerous diseases), lack of education about what it truly takes to be healthy and TOO MUCH access to health care.
Our healthcare system is broken. It has been over taken by Big Pharma and their only goal is to get as many people on as many drugs “for life” as possible.
Their drugs are poison and they are killing Americans and bankrupting our country.
It is so sad to me to see so many people with absolute blind faith in our health care system. Instead of taking responsibility for their own health, they completely turn it over to a corrupt and dangerous industry.
They accept their treatments blindly without questioning or researching. When the treatments make them sicker, they go back for more treatments, over and over again.
Every disease is treated like a deficiency of a certain drug. All drugs have side effects, which leads to more drugs, which causes more side effects, which leads to more drugs, because they treat symptoms and rarely if ever look for the CAUSE of the problem.
I recently read a prediction that Big Pharma will be the next industry to fall – it has too much evil and corruption to continue indefinitely.
I look forward to that day.
Like the government, it eventually it will collapse under its own weight. The government is what has enabled Big Pharma to become what it has – from the lobbyist, the FDA, government involvement in Medicare & Medicaid, etc.
No private entity that actually cares about people would have allowed it to become what it has.
The same can be said for Genetically Modified Food – they have used their money to “buy off” the government.  I bet many of the healthy countries are the ones who have banned GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)  or at the very least, required GMO food to be labeled as such.  (By the way, they are spending millions, maybe billions to prevent them from being labeled as such in the US.  Why?  Because many people would not knowingly choose to consume them.)
So the government is allowing two huge, corrupt industries to poison their citizens and then blaming them for making “poor choices”. The citizens don’t (yet) have the power or resources to compete with the power and wealth of these industries.
I should add that I do not think our entire Medical industry is corrupt, evil and causing harm.  There is no finer acute care in the world.  It is the chronic diseases that are the problem.  Instead of finding the cause of the problem and eradicating that they treat the symptoms without ever addressing the cause.   What is the cause of the high blood pressure, the cancer, the neurological disease…?  These things don’t just happen.  There is a cause.  If you treat and get rid of the cause, you can get rid of the disease.  Most health care providers have good intentions and genuinely want to help people.  It is our “medical model” for chronic diseases that is broken.  That model has been carefully crafted by Big Pharma and seems to mainly include drugs, drugs and more drugs.  Our doctors and nurses are taught that model and nothing else.  It is all they know.  It’s not their fault.
I also do not think all prescription drugs are bad.  Some of them are necessary.  Some of them can save lives.  But some of them are more dangerous than they are good.  Because they are chemicals (man-made, not natural), I personally think they should be a last resort and preferably for short term use.  As an example, there are several very effective natural alternatives to antibiotics that do not cause side effects, resistance or “super bugs”.   There are even effective natural treatments to super bugs, even MRSA. (My 18 year old daughter has never had not even one dose of antibiotics!)
What is the solution?  The solution for me is to take responsibility for my own health.  Research, research, research.   If you search on your problem, diagnosis, medicines, etc. you will get the “medical model” answers.  Search on things like “alternative treatments for…”  “natural medicine for…”  “Natural alternative for…”.  Just remember because natural treatments cannot be patented, no one can get rich off of them so there is very little “research” on them.  There is however plenty of anecdotal evidence and for something that is natural and not going to harm me, that is good enough for me, I’m willing to try it.  Natural treatments are safe and readily available.
You’ll start seeing the same solution to your problem over and over again – those are the ones to try first.  Also check if it can be caused by a vitamin deficiency.  High blood pressure can be caused by a magnesium deficiency.  Research has shown that cancer can be caused by a lack of vitamin D.  This is for another soapbox – but the “medical model” teaches us to be afraid of the sun.  We need the sun for vitamin D.  Vitamin D prevents cancer and many other diseases.  Everyone who doesn’t get 15 to 30 minutes of sun (without sunscreen!) everyday should be taking a vitamin D supplement – around 5000 IU.  Your doctor can test your vitamin d level.
I am in a unique position because I know a lot about medicine and our health care systems and “models” and from years of studying, I know a lot about alternative and natural medicine.  It is my hope that I can serve as a “bridge” for people wanting to learn more about alternative treatments.