Why You Keep Getting What You Don’t Want

Do you spend more time than is really good for you responding to the current conditions?

Which means you’re letting the current conditions train your vibration.
Think about what that means – if what is is what you focus on and what you focus on is what you practice and what you practice is the frequency that you offer and what you offer is what you get back….

Isn’t it sort of a cycle that you might want to consider breaking?

I’m looking at the thing that I don’t want and I’m getting more of it
So I’m looking at it and getting more of it…
So I’m looking at it and getting more of it…
I’m looking at it and getting more of it…

Is there something missing in the explanation?

“I see this thing I do not want and the more I look at it the more I get of it so I think I will look at it some more” 

And we say the thing that is missing is you have forgotten that
you get what you think about
you get what you feel about
you get what you practice yourself into vibrational accord with.

We know it’s much easier to keep thinking a thought you’ve been thinking.
We watch you.
We have offered blocks of thought to Esther for many, many years watching her find new words that match those blocks of thought
In order to help you, from the inside out, reorient yourself in this time/space reality because you become so accustomed to feeling the same way that you always felt when a certain condition or word or conversation is offered to you.